About Us

The Canastota Conservation Club was incorporated in 1957. Over the years the club has been developed and enhanced by a dedicated and talented membership.

The principal mission of the Canastota Conservation Club, Inc. is to assure all members an exceptional and safe place to practice, learn and develop shooting skills, and protect and preserve our shooting and hunting heritage.

Our facility is located at 8324 Warners Rd., Canastota, NY 13032


Officers Name
President: Jim Novak
VP: Open
Secretary: John Dewell
Treasurer & Membership Chairman:  
Website Laiason: Larry Ortman
Board of Directors
Brett Royer
Jim Novak
Gary Pfluke
Del Mazza
Jeff Scott
John Dewell
Russ Humkins

Customer Feedback:

"We do appreciate your service, it's always been a pleasure to use your facility. If there is a lesson to be learned from the amount of Law Enforcement using your range, it's in the manner that things are managed and maintained. All of us have used others and none have been so accommodating. Thank you."
Chief James Zophy of the Canastota PD