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  Welcome to Canastota CC!

ATTENTION MEMBERS: Anyone sighting in a rifle must first sight-in at the 100 yard sight-in berm. This is the same area used to sight in shotgun slugs located at benches 1 through 4. Failure to follow this procedure will result in disciplinary action upto and including termination of membership. This is to keep rounds from any instances of failed sight-in attempts bypassing the safety berms.

A Very Special Thank You:  Earlier this month, our club obtained a new(to us) Kubota tractor and brush hog. Originally we were going to repair that old work horse, but White's Farm Supply had a much newer tractor. We decided to retire and trade in the old one. Art Strife and his son Noel Strife, owner of the Marble Hill Inn, made the purchase much easier with their generous donations totaling $3500. Once again, thank you, Art, Noel and Family. Your contributions have provided us with better means to keep our club looking good.

In memory of Ron Kingsley:As many of you may already know, our fellow club member, Ron passed away recently. Ron put a lot of time and effort in the upkeep of this club, doing such tasks as mowing the grounds, and painting the entire clubhouse. He also showed up to all of the F-Class shoots. Donations can be made by check to JoAnn Kingsley. Please send donations to Del Mazza; 1400 Mather Ave. Utica, NY 13502.

We are currently accepting new members! Please click the Membership link to the left for more details.

ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: Guests are welcome but under no circumstances are guests allowed to shoot or handle firearms. In the event the policy is broken it will result in TERMINATION of Membership. Family Rules still apply. All new members must attend orientation, dates will be provided. Membership payment will be required at that time.
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