Membership Application, Info and Requirements

We are currently accepting membership applications. Please see links at the bottom of this page for further information.

Most of the maintenance and development of the facility is done by members. There are ample opportunities for members to volunteer.

Prospective members will be required to meet with Club Officers and Board members for an interview, dates will be provided. New members will receive an orientation including safety rules, range use and a bylaws briefing prior to using the facilities.

High power rifle shooting is characterized by low volume of fire practiced for development of marksmanship and ammunition / equipment accuracy. Higher volume shooting is acceptable for pistol practice.

Club Policies and Procedures

* 600 Yard Range Qualification: Only members who have been qualified are permitted to shoot on the 600 yard lane. Please complete the contact form for an appointment to get qualified.

* Guest Policy: Guests are welcome but under no circumstances are guests allowed to shoot or handle firearms. In the event the policy is broken it will result in TERMINATION of Membership. Family Rules still apply. All new members must attend orientation, dates will be provided. Membership payment will be required at that time.

* Sight-In Procedure: Anyone sighting in a rifle must first sight-in at the 100 yard sight-in berm. This is the same area used to sight in shotgun slugs located at benches 1 through 4. Failure to follow this procedure will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of membership. This is to keep rounds from any instances of failed sight-in attempts bypassing the safety berms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost for club membership?

A: The annual membership is $140

Q: What are the range fees?

A: There are no range fees. Use of the range and other club facilities is included in the annual membership.

Q: What are the range hours?

A: The range is open daily from 9:30AM until sunset. Exceptions are scheduled events and from the third Saturday in November thru and including the following Friday. Scheduled events are posted on the club calendar, announced in the newsletter, and discussed at the monthly general membership meeting.

Q: Are members required to attend meetings?

A: Meeting attendance is optional. Attend if you have an interest in gaining first hand knowledge of what is going on within the club, contributing to the operation of the club, or meeting other club members. Please see the Calendar link on the Home page for dates and times.

Q: Is the 600 yard range open to all members?

A: The 600 yard range is open to members only (no guests). Members must be qualified by one of the clubs 600 yard range masters prior to using the 600 yard range. Range cards for 600 yard qualified members are marked to indicate authorization to use the 600 yard range.


Membership Application

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