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Update 11/7/2022

Greetings and salutations club members, this is your freindly reminder for the upcoming meeting this coming Sunday, November 13th, 2022, at 9a.m. sharp. This will be the final meeting for the year, meetings will resume in March of 2023.

Here is the meeting agenda.


Previous minutes recap: Todd
Treasurer's report: Jim
Membership report: Don


● ditch repair
● safety baffles
● pistol shed/range
● RSO certification?
● 800yd range research/winter planning CHECKS PAID/TO BE PAID
● Tyson Caughill - baffles
● Ed Johnson - Spectrum
● Dan Vedder - mowing

Folks, it's been an excellent season here at the club this year. We got a LOT of things accomplished, we gained some new members, and made some good freinds. I welcome our new members and hope they can join us in this final meeting so they can meet our members, and see how the inner workings of the club take place, and who knows, maybe someone will have valuable resources that might aid the club in future endeavors.

The projects we accomplished this year were just the beginning; necessary steps in a journey to bring this place back to life, and make it presentable for future potential members.

For the first time in 5 years, we have more baffles and we have more benches. We have progress on the pistol range, we have internet, we have active 24/hr range surveillance for our protection, and we have ALMOST a complete Committee. The position of club Secretary still needs to be filled.

But all these things are are huge milestones, considering that only a few short years ago, we were shut down, not knowing the future of our club.

Our senior leaders fought hard to keep us open, and now we need to put our heads together and take what they have given us and run with it.

My fellow Patriots, I have amazing things planned for this place, and with our combined talents, resources, and good old fashioned American ingenuity, I believe we can make this range more grand than it's founders, Rich and Chester Long, ever imagined. All the while of keeping in mind our Top priority: SAFETY, for our members, and the community.

It's been a privilege to be at the helm of the Club this year for me, and I thank everyone for their support and guidance. I hope to see everyone at this final year's meeting. I'll be bringing coffee and donuts. Stay safe out there, Semper Fi
- Ed Johnson


10/15/2022 Update

Benches Up!! - Facility maintenance.
~ Ed Johnson

It's been an excellent day, our work party kicked MAJOR butt today.

A massive thank you to Rob Coe, Jacob Ackerman, Mike Pucz, Brian Fields and Todd Church for their tremendous efforts today.

We managed to pull many logs and branches out of the weeds at the pistol berm, cut down a ton of undergrowth and pushed back the weed-line that was encroaching out onto the pistol lawn by several feet.

The deep holes in front of the pistol shed were filled in and the blocks moved.

The pistol shed bench tops that were rotted were ripped out and replaced with new wood.

And finally, we dug out the bench tops for the 300 yard line and secured them to their concrete anchors.

More chipping away at the weeds at the pistol berm will be done this week, and hopefully get the new baffles painted before winter.

All in all it was a major overhaul, with two tractors, chainsaws, weedeaters, and lots of elbow grease.

Our work is far from done in revamping this place, but we hit some major milestones this weekend. It's time to really start pushing and advertising this place.

Thanks again, be safe, and happy shooting.
Semper Fi



Monthly meetings have been moved to 9:00 am the 2nd Sunday of each month.

The Gate combination has been changed.
Please contact Edward Johnson 315-813-5080 | Tel: 315-633-0206

Jeff Scott, is now handling all 600 yard qualifications. Phone 315-652-9095
Qualifications will be done twice a month: 1st Monday of the month and 1st Saturday of the month.

Please be advised that this email address: is NOT our official email contact.